MED OPS (Medical Operations)


As part of ever increasing demand for dedicated services, we are committed in finding tailored solutions in demanding conditions.

Our company is dedicated in the defense sector and is targeting in providing solutions to demanding problems. Nowadays we offers complete tailored medical solutions to VIPs and foreign staff visiting Greece, from single medical visits, tests for Covid19, to emergency response and hospitalization.

We have tailored contract with the largest private hospital for 24/7 emergency hospitalization shall our customers demand a holistic solution for large number of visitor.

This was the idea behind the creation of MED OPS™ which is intended for providing specialized Medical Services

Services Offered: Provision of Tailored In House at your premises 24/7 Medical Services:

  • Dedicated Accredited English Speaking Doctors graduates from National and Capodistrial University of Athens Medical School (General Medicine, Pathologists, Orthopedic etc)
  • Ambulance Stand-By or dedicated 24/7 for Emergencies
  • Nurses with experience in First Aid
  • Full kit of medicine set in house
  • Provision of Medical equipment as required (i.e Portable Ultrasound, Defibrillator etc)
  • Agreement with Private Hospital for Emergencies